• Larry Fuqua

    Now that the Return of the Gree is live, players will be looking for updated information related to this update, especially the Relics of the Gree World Event and the Galactic Reputation system.  Unfortunately, most of this content is targeted toward higher level characters.  I don't have an active high level character.  So, consider this a call for assistance to those with characters of the appropriate level to assist where possible.  The most useful information will be details on the event, missions and items.  Since the World Event will only last for couple of weeks, that is certainly a priority for information gathering.

    Thanks in advance to any who can help fill out this content information and enjoy the event.

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  • Larry Fuqua

    Gree World Event Coming

    January 20, 2013 by Larry Fuqua

    It appears that along with the last update patch, came news of a new World Event, 1.7 Return of the Gree, that we'll see with the next minor release. In case you aren't aware, you might want to go check it out. The main thing you probably want to be aware of is that you'll really want to have a level 50 character ready for this event. Its focused on Ilum and of course the ancient Gree.

    Unfortunately, for those like me, spending most my time under the cap it doesn't sound like it will provide as much significance. I have a level 48 I might push up to 50, but mostly I've moved on to another character.

    In addition this release will introduce the new Reputation system. It also seems focused on the high level end of the gameplay, so thats wh…

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  • Larry Fuqua

    State of the Game #2 has been posted on the SWTOR official news page.  It basically gives an update on current state, future state, and some hot topics. My rundown, from a purely pesonal standpoint:

    In the hear and now, mentions some additional growing around the way Free 2 Play works. So still tweaking.

    For the near future there is love for the PvP-ers (not me, yet). Mentions the digital expansion coming (I pre-ordered).

    Hot topics, weren't so hot for me:

    • "Elder Game Content"
    ugh...I'd rather they grow the game wide than long, if you know what I mean. If you don't, ask me.
    • PvP
    more ugh...PvP is what I do when I've nothing else to do. I'm just not that menacing. To be fair, some love it...but its kind of a different game for me. One I'm just not …
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