State of the Game #2 has been posted on the SWTOR official news page.  It basically gives an update on current state, future state, and some hot topics. My rundown, from a purely pesonal standpoint:

In the hear and now, mentions some additional growing around the way Free 2 Play works. So still tweaking.

For the near future there is love for the PvP-ers (not me, yet). Mentions the digital expansion coming (I pre-ordered).

Hot topics, weren't so hot for me:

  • "Elder Game Content"
ugh...I'd rather they grow the game wide than long, if you know what I mean. If you don't, ask me.
  • PvP
more ugh...PvP is what I do when I've nothing else to do. I'm just not that menacing. To be fair, some love it...but its kind of a different game for me. One I'm just not that into. Wouldn't I just go play Team Fortress 2 or something? I know...I just don't get it.
  • Character Copy to Public Test Server
Meh...I've plenty to do on the main servers. May be interested in character copy between them.
  • Same Gender Romance
Meh...Not my demographic, but again I suppose important for some. Warning though....I found a sort of subtlety to how this maps to real life. Its suprising how much that character bonding ends up influencing your decisions. Even though in this game money can buy you love. Still you wont play your toon the way you intended if you start least I didn't.

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