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F2P Restrictions Rant

Lenopow October 29, 2012 User blog:Lenopow

As a Trial player, I am appalled.

Issues I see here: Characeter Creation is Ok.Chat & General Stuff Character slots Per server. We need at LEAST 4Only one General chat message a MINUTE!? How about every 30 Seconds? We'd like to carry on a conversation with it at one point.No Trading with other players. Limit to 1 Trade an hour possibly?Can not send Mail. Sometime we need that.. 1 Mail a day?No Acess to Guild Bank. Alot of us need that..No Unify Color. This isnt absoulutely NEEDED, But I'd prefer to have it.No Titles? That's a HUGE part of the game, and I'd be sad to not have that. I used[http:// ]As Reference, So you can see how much I havent complained about.

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