• MaxiRage

    The guild changes are now finally in! Most eligible guilds have been transferred into the game, and BioWare have chosen their servers. Be sure you check your guild home page or the Guild HQ for your guilds server name, before you get into the game.

    Guild HQ:

    Here is BioWare article on the subject, and guide:

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  • MaxiRage

    On december 8th Stephen Reid announced that they have now moved early access from December 15th to an earlier December 13th, They've also extended the maximum early access period of up to 5 days, to a new number of up to 7 days. Early access will end on December 19th, full launch is December 20th. The full article posted by Stephen Reid on the SWTOR forum is bellow, and I've also provided a direct forum post link to the topic.

    Hello everyone,
    We're happy to finally announce today that Early Game Access begins December 13th, 2011. This means that everyone who has pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic and redeemed their pre-order code will have up to seven days to play the game early.
    As bef…

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