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    I went to PAX East today and I took some videos! :D

    This was a Companion glitch I noticed. Is this going to be added, and is it not a glitch? Idk.

    This is a video of what happens when you are in the queue for Warzones. And for a bit of a background on 1.2, the warzones will be in "pre-season". This means that there will be no cross-server Warzones yet, but as stated on the queue, season one will have cross-server.

    This was the Retro UI setting.

    This was the gear that my Jedi had on. He came fully equipped and level 20, so that was pretty cool.

    This was the login screen of SWTOR. The server was "TOR Demo" and it was the only server that you could select. It came with two level 20s, and I leveled one of them up to 21. Just to get the Bioware peop…

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  • Nealybealy

    Blog: SWTOR Explorer!

    February 25, 2012 by Nealybealy

    Want to go Out of Bounds in SWTOR? Want the latest news? Want to listen to a podcast [coming soon!] about SWTOR? Then this is the place! SWTOR Explorer is the first SWTOR site about Out of Bounds and it will have all your favorites, like a podcast and all the news on the game's updates!

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  • Nealybealy


    February 24, 2012 by Nealybealy

    Do we make pages for NPCs in SWTOR?

    Just wondering, because I'll work on some.

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