At first let me start to say hi to all wikia contributors and TOR fans! :-)

Second, I created this blog, because I want to discuss something with you people. It's about how we should deal with the Player Characters on this site.

As we well know each class has its own story in The Old Republic and this story's protagonist is the player. Many pages on this site has already started referring to the Player character with their appropriate class. Some of these pages does also have links on it to the playable classes.

Here comes the thing I wanted to say, which is that although I see this practice as good and quality work, I think the playable classes and Player characters are not the same, even if we refer to them with the same words.

For example there are many Sith Inquisitors in the world, like other NPCs who possess the Inquisitor's skills, but canonically there is only one character in the world who is a Sith Inquisitor and becomes Lord Zash' apprentice.

Therefore my suggestion is to create seperate pages for the playable classes and the Player Characters who are from these classes.

For example if I search up Skavak and read that he has stolen the Smuggler's ship and then click on "Smuggler", I would rather see a page which deals about the Smuggler as a character then a page which deals with the Smuggler class, but on the other hand if I search up Ffon Althe and I see on the right in the information box that he is a SIth Inquisitor and I click on it, I would want to see a page about the class.

What do you think about this?

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