As some of you may know, i just recently joined this wikia and i am fairly new to wikia's in general. After much delberating, i decided that i would try and make an infobox template for ablities. after watching the E3 multiplayer video (again) i realized that there is actaully some information about a few of the jedi comsular's ablities. I could not find an infobox for ablites, so i tried to make one, and failed (hard). I copied the format for an the planet infobox i think,(thank you to whoever made that infobox). I did manage to get the rows changed, but i could not get the image to load. After much tinkering and googling, i finally gave up. Some of you may have already saw my pleads for help. If any of you can help me that would be greatly appreciated, as i really want to help this wikia get going and be ready for launch of SWTOR (whenever that will Thanks to everyone for the help in advance.



And first attempt at use:


Scimatt16 04:02, March 3, 2011 (UTC)

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