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  • Bio Jacob Anderson is a Fandom Contributor and has been editing and writing with Wikia since May 2013. His interests stretch from professional wrestling to action movies to role-playing games and beyond.

    Conversations about any of these things with him can prove to be very interesting. Or sarcastic.
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  • ShatterClub

    BioWare has announced a new initiative to encourage more new players to jump into Star Wars: The Old Republic with the Light vs. Dark event, scheduled to go live on all servers on June 28th, 2016. The event does not have a set end date, and is intended to be experiences with characters created on or after the event's start date. The focus of the event centers on the light side and dark side decisions made by players throughout the event to unlock one of two companions depending on the majority of the choices made.

    Along the way, players will have the chance to earn several new titles, mounts, armor sets, and will be able to collect crates that will gift players with items from previous cartel packs, similar to the current Grand Chance Cubes.


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  • ShatterClub

    Greetings, readers, editors, and passers-by,

    There has been a lot (or in most cases, nothing) happening recently with the SWTOR Wiki - several of these things are areas that I have been thinking about recently, and would like to address with you all.

    About a year or so ago, this wiki was a thriving community. Users from around the world were both contributing their information to appropriate articles and talking back and forth on our forums. We had a team of several administrators, and there was always something new to talk about and somebody to talk about it with.

    Since that time, so many things have happened with the game...various events have come and gone, new characters have been introduced, and then Knights of the Fallen Empire, the big…

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  • ShatterClub

    So yes, just to clarify before we start, this is an actual promotion. In no way could I be making this up.

    During the Star Wars: The Old Republic developer livestream last night, Eric Musco was joined by Ben Irving, Lead Producer of the game, to talk about their plans for what future and what players (especially subscribers) can expect from the game in the near future. They even had their plan laid out and shown before they dived into those topics, and because they were already in order, that makes my job easy.

    The two kicked off the stream by thanking players (repeatedly) for their feedback on Fallen Empire, and said that BioWare is so happy that players find the expansion to be so appealing. They highlighted several people's comments and t…

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  • ShatterClub

    Cartel packs as we know them are gone. The structure, how many items per pack, how rarities are identified...gone. You could even go so far as to say that the whole Cartel Market has been altered as a result of these recent changes. 

    But what may seem like a disaster is really just BioWare's attempt to make things a little easier to understand, especially with the influx of new players jumping into both the base game and the new Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. Here's what has changed

    For starters, the packs themselves have now been altered. Each only contains two items (a huge step down from five-six items in the past), with one item of a gold, silver or bronze rarity rating and a companion gift. That's right - you're getting a compa…

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  • ShatterClub

    Since the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, details about the new SWTOR digital expansion have been slow in coming. But information provided by developers since the announcement of this new expansion give players and fans alike a general idea as to just what this expansion will look like. Here's what we know so far.

    • RELEASE DATE: October 27th, 2015
    • EARLY ACCESS: October 20-27th, 2015
    • NEW LEVEL CAP: 61-65

    The Sith Empire has fallen. The Galactic Republic has faded into obscurity. In their absence, a new galactic power takes control of the known galaxy: the Eternal Empire. Reigning with an iron fist and dominating everything in it's path, this new superpower is ruled by an Immortal Emperor and his two sons. You play as the Outlander, frozen…

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