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Hello, Wikians!

I'm happy to announce that Wikia has asked me to be an ambassador for them at the Wizard World Comic-Con in Las Vegas next weekend! I'll be part of the Superfan Crew and will be capturing moments from the trip in the forms of blogs, tweets, videos, and photos.

Who I'll meet and what will happen there - I've got no clue, but if you all are interested in following along with me next weekend (April 24-26), feel free to follow along on social media from both myself and Wikia. If you happen to be in Vegas for the event, I'll be sure to grab a pic with you!

The chances of me editing much here will be down during Wizard World, but I'll still be here and will be composing a daily blog either here or on Community Central to document the day's occurrences.

Anyway, I'm done blabbering. Feel free to follow the links below to get access to mine and Wikia's social media updates! Good Hunting! ShatterClub|talk|TOR Wiki Bureaucrat 19:19, April 16, 2015 (UTC)

My Twitter: JacobAnderson99

My YouTube: ShatterClub

Wikia Twitter: Wikia

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