In case you don't know of this yet, here is the same information I highlighted in the forums, this time on blog format.

Game update 2.8: Spoils of War was released to all servers in the early hours on June 10th, but problems were seen almost immediatly. Almost a day later, there are now insane amounts of glitches and bugs there are going through the system. BioWare is now currently adressing issues across the entirety of the game, because there is so much that is currently going wrong. As of 12:46 AM MST, BioWare Control knows of these issues:


Area Transition (to and from Story areas, etc.)

Operations groups finder (will not allow group formation or quitting)

Servers penalizing players for no reason (no idea what this looks like myself currently)

Guild removal/Guild kicking

No loading bar upon selecting character

Subscribers getting downgraded to F2P

Removing Cartel Coins

Kicking players upon use of Priority Transport

Can't load into the game

Can't log into the game

Can't log into your account online ( is down as of 12:43am MST for matinence)

Random server kicks

Unable to exit warzones after completion

All Heroics Moment abilities have a different bug (mostly random)

Can't use Fleet Pass

Can't get through conversation cutscenes without using skip function

Guild repair functions have reset to 1 credit (but that credit is never actually used upon reparing armor and weaponry at vendors)

Unable to finish downloading patch

Unable to finish installing patch

Unable to use one-time password to log in to your account (via game launcher ar website)

Ship cutscenes broken

Characters above level 10 are told that they are not yet level 10 and are reduced to F2P chat functions and abilities (even on level 55 characters)

Space combat broken (not GS)

Loading screen freezes upon login

Repiar function in launcher does not work upon login

Character creation blocked on some servers depending on faction

New Spoils of War updates either non-existant or non-functional

Yeah, it's a lot of stuff, but I've proven all of this stuff through BioWare, SWTOR, and a few friends and myself who researched and proves that all these problems exist to some extent. A lot of these problems may be unique per user, but we are, as yet, unsure.

Because this is such a huge deal, the game has, in esence, been completely shut doen to allow for matinence. The last we heard from BioWare was that they were working on it, but there would be no fix either today or tomorrow, with no guarentees as to when it would actually get done.

This post on the forums has been where BioWare has been posting information on their progess:

Also check out their Twitter page for more updates:

Sorry for the long post. Hope you guys have a good day.

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