Well, lookie here. Everybody's probably seen this already, but it seems as though BioWare has plans for the return of Revan in some wierd fashion, and they released this video to earlier this month with the tagline "I will finish what I've started."

Star Wars™ The Old Republic™ “A Deadly Force Returns” Teaser00:23

Star Wars™ The Old Republic™ “A Deadly Force Returns” Teaser

BioWare announces the eventual return of Revan for SWTOR patch 3.0...or so we think.

Well, in 23 seconds, I think we can kindof all assume who that is under the fact, we outta know that mask all too well from the new Rakata Prime flashpoint released with patch 2.10. The armor set is new, though, so it might fool quite a lot of people.

One can only wonder what this means for potential operations or flashpoint storylines. To me, it looks like another operation, because the Dread Masters series has been wrapped up with the Dread Palace added with the latest patch. But whatever is happening, BioWare needs to be cautious, because lots of people across the internet have been saying that the company has messed up Revan with his past few appearences, Jedi or Sith.

What do you all think? Leave a comment below to share your opinion!

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