Hello all Wiki admins, users and regular viewers,

I've been looking at the Wiki for some time now, browsing through random pages and other articles, and the one thing I've seen is that the Wiki is a big mess. Only a few mission, and character pages actually follow a similar format, and a lot of KOTOR and KOTOR II pages hardly have enough information to really be considered worthy of being on the Wiki. I'm not saying that any information is bad, or that any information provided by other users is not helpful to the Wiki's development, but that info needs more of the same info to really help SWTOR and KOTOR players with gameplay and understanding. Therefore, I propose a Wiki clean-up project to help the Wiki with development. Here's the plan or proccess as I think it needs to be done:

  • Viewing KOTOR pages and seeing if they have enough information, and, if not, going into KOTOR and playing it until there can be enough conclusive information to add to the wiki,
  • Finding pages that may appear as pages that were just created for the heck of creating them,
  • Finding and deleting pages that have almost nothing or nothing to do with this Wiki or SWTOR,
  • Finding users who have been contributing to the above to bullets and warning or removing them, 
  • Going through major mission pages (Flashpoints, Operations) and making sure that they all follow a similar format, 
  • Giving trustworthy and constant users rights to help them help us whip the Wiki into shape, 
  • Editing category pages and removing links that do not belong to that category.

I also brought up the following point in a different blog post earlier on:

  • Having one person/multiple people volenteer for the InfoProj.

The InfoProj is a project to get all information about the missions and their rewards from every single planet in SWTOR. For example, we have a user create a Trooper character and then go on to create and edit pages for Ord Mantell missions, as well as the Trooper missions in recovering the ZR-57. This would then continue for other classes, even though we would only need one character to work on all side missions per planet.

I would like some people's feed back on this, and wether people and users would be interested in working on this!

ShatterClub (talk) 17:27, August 26, 2013 (UTC)

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