Star Wars Celebration - Anaheim, California - April 16th-19th, 2015

Highlighted by both the Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Battlefront trailers, Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was one of the most memorable events for the franchise. Among all the excitement of future content, some BioWare and SWTOR specialists - including Eric Munsco, Charles Boyd and Jesse Sky - were on hand for the SWTOR Cantina Tour event. While most of what they said was what we had already seen from PTS patches or notes from Dulfy, here's what they confirmed during the livestream.


1. Patch 3.2 - The new story content, intended to serve as an epilogue for the events of Shadow of Revan, has been confirmed and officially named "Rise of the Emperor." The devs showed content already seen through PTS content patches and marked it up as a "trailer."

  • New Planet: Ziost -  Used primarily as the center of Rise of the Emperor content, Ziost will serve as an area for daily missions, most likely for a new branch of reputation items.
  • Outfit Designed - It'll be added as a means of allowing players to preview lots of different armor options and switch out mods to and from currently moddable items. In addition, green and blue items (non-modifiable ones) are also included, leaving room for even more items to go through and preview.

2. "Epic Story XP Boost" - BioWare had re-branded the 12x Story Mission Experience boost as the "Epic Story Boost," and is set to return around May 4th in time for Star Wars Day. It will be available for all subscribers (whether players need to have an active subscription by May 4th is currently unknown), and currently does not have an end date, so it's set to continue for a long time yet. 

3. May the Fourth Reward - In addition to the Epic Story boost, players who are subscribed by the 4th will also receive an exclusive M4-1S astromech droid pet. 

Flash Drive Files

All who actually attended the event were given a thumbnail drive with exclusive files...files that, of course, have already made their way onto the internet. Here's the basic rundown:

  • A teaser image, supposedly of content that might be released after the launch of Rise of the Emperor

    Any idea what's shown here? The internet has gone nuts trying to figure it out.

  • A community code that, when applied, will unlock a small two-item pack containing an exclusive mount and one other unique item. The second item can be one of several different things - here are a few that have been found already
    • Rarely-seen dye modules
    • XP Boost (type and duration are unconfirmed)
    • SP-RO Power Droid pet
    • Carbonite Chamber Regeneration Item (formerly a Cartel Market exclusive)
    • First Grand Statue of Mandalore centerpiece decoration
  • In addition to the pack, users who apply the code to their account are allowed to distribute a second code that can be used by 5 other players for the same benefits.

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