Since the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, details about the new SWTOR digital expansion have been slow in coming. But information provided by developers since the announcement of this new expansion give players and fans alike a general idea as to just what this expansion will look like. Here's what we know so far.


  • RELEASE DATE: October 27th, 2015
  • EARLY ACCESS: October 20-27th, 2015
  • NEW LEVEL CAP: 61-65


The Sith Empire has fallen. The Galactic Republic has faded into obscurity. In their absence, a new galactic power takes control of the known galaxy: the Eternal Empire. Reigning with an iron fist and dominating everything in it's path, this new superpower is ruled by an Immortal Emperor and his two sons. You play as the Outlander, frozen in carbonite, a relic of a bygone age, now awoken and determine to discover what happened in your absense.


BioWare first started teasing at a new expansion before Star Wars: Celebration Anahiem, and an image file on the thumbnail drives given out at the Cantina Tour event at that time gave even more speculation to the idea of a new expansion - or, at the very least, new content. What's more, the file contained the hashtag #FallenEmpire, giving even more hype to what BioWare planned for SWTOR.


Most BioWare or official SWTOR social media postings that included #FallenEmpire didn't give any clues to what it might  mean - rather, it seemed like BioWare put it off for a while and focused more on other features such as adding the Togruta as a playable species and the creation of the Yavin 4 stronghold. In fact, at the end of a livestream in which those two things were shown, Eric Musco himself finally gave a reveal date to the #FallenEmpire secret - June 17th, 2015, the same date as the main E3 presontation day. 

Unfortunately - whether it was planned or not - the full details about the expansion were leaked on SWTOR's website a day before the announcement. The page on which the details were leaked was removed after an hour or so, but that hour was enough time for users to take screenshots or copy-and-paste the information to other pages on the internet. An official Knights of the Fallen Empire page was created and updated with new animations and screenshots just after the official expansion announcement at Electronic Arts' E3 presentation. 

Points to Note

  • The official release date of October 27th, 2015 is only for the first eleven chapters. The expansion is comprised of sixteen total, but the first elevel will be made avalible at launch with the other five due to release in the months after. 
  • The expansion's chapters will be free to current subscribers, allowing them to access it at no additional cost, and if they continue their subscription through the entirety of the chapter's launch, they will not be charged for playing the expansion. 
  • Players who are not subscribed at the time of launch will need to make a purchase when it becomes avalible to them on October 20th. Early Access for the first eleven chapters is a subscriber exclusive. 
  • Additional chapters will be avalible for purchase for players who choose not to maintain a subscription to the game as soon as those chapters become avalible.
  • A free, instantly leveled character will be given a Level 60 grant instantly at character creation to all users. Players can use this grant to skip the story content beginning at level one and jump right into the story or Knights of the Fallen Empire. Only one of these grants will be avalible per account. 
  • The Epic Story Boost will no longer be avalible upon launch of the expansion. 

Early Access Rewards

Early Access for the first eleven chapters begins a week before the official launch on October 20th, 2015. In order to have authorization, accounts needs to be subscribed for four months and on four specific dates. After the fourth date, early access for the expansion content will open on October 20th.

  • July 31st, 2015 - Nico Okarr companion
  • August 31st, 2015 - Nico Okarr blaster set
  • September 30th, 2015 - Nico Okarr Duster Coat
  • October 19th, 2015 - Knights of the Old Republic-themed speeder mount

Please feel free to update this blog post as new details become avalible. 

Thoughts? Comments? Please feel free to leave us your opinions!

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