I've been doing a lot of work on different leveling strategies, which is one of the reasons that I've been off the wiki for so long. I experimented with lots of new characters, beginning from level 1, and trying to challange myself to get as high as I could. I've finally found a way to ensure that all players can get from 1 to 50 without the need to purchase unessecary guides and such. I decided to post my sharings on the Wiki instead of hold onto it myself. For all you noobs or veterans, free-to-play or subscribers, here you are!

  1. Start a new character and play through your starting world (Tython , Ord Mantell , Korriban , or Hutta ), completing all story and side missions along the way. Heroic Missions can either be completed once you reach level 10 on your starting world and done solo, or you can ask for a group to help you finish it once it appears in your mission log. Be sure to activate every and all experiance boosts when you recieve them from missions.
  2. Once you finish your starting world, you should be somewhere from level 10 to level 12. Take the shuttle up to your respective fleet (Republic or Empire ). Once you take the elevator from your shuttle port to the mail fleet level, accept the mission from the first being you see in front of you. This will take you to your advanced trainer. Accept the advanced class and purchase your new abilities if you have not already done so. 
  3. Take the fleet elevator up to the shuttle that will take you to your capital world (Coruscant or Dromund Kaas) and DO NOT TAKE THE SHUTTLE. Accept the mission for the Esseles or Black Talon flashpoint (differing depending on galactic faction) and ask around for at least one group member to help you finish it. Complete the flashpoint and return to the fleet to repeat the process. Continue to do this until you reach LEVEL 15. Once you reach it, you may proceed to your capital world.
  4. On your capital world, continure to complete all story, side and heroic missions just as you would on your starting planet. At this point, you should be in the level 18-20 range, and should have your ship, ready to move onto the next world and begin Chapter 1.
  5. From here, return to the fleet and complete the Hammer Station flashpoint until level 20, then complete the Athiss flashpoint until level 22. Return to your ship.
  6. You then move onto either Taris or Balmorra (again, differing upon galactic faction) and complete this world with story, side and heroics in the same manner, but before you return to your ship to head to the next world, there is going to be another mission offer inside the spaceport. Accept it. This mission is known as a Bonus Series, spanning a large area of the planet that you have not ventured into before in the course of any other missions you've accepted yet. It may take a little while to complete, but when you do finish it, you will be awarded a Major Complimentary Experience boost, which is well worth the work. You should leave the planet at close to a level 24.
  7. Return to the fleet and complete the Mandalorian Raiders flashpoint until level 26.
  8. Both Republic and Imperial players then move onto the hutt-controled world of Nar Shaddaa. This world is known for not giving many side missions to complete, so it's important that you've followed all the flashpoints thus far. Complete this world in the same manner as all the others. Nar Shaddaa does not give a bonus series until after the completion of Chapter 1, so you won't need to worry about it quite yet. You should be at about level 28 at this world's completion.
  9. Return to the fleet and complete the Cademimu flashpoint until level 30.
  10. Republic and Empire move onto Tatooine. Complete this world as you would Balmorra or Taris, as this world had a Bonus Series. You should be at about level 32 when you finish the main missions, and about 34 once the bonus series is finished. 
  11. Return to the Fleet, and SKIP the next flashpoint (Taral V for the Republic, Boarding Party for the Empire). Move onto the higher level one, The Foundry for Imperials, and Maelstrom Prison for the Republic. Play this until you achieve level 36.
  12. Move onto Alderaan. Same planet procedure as before. Bonus Series begins in the fleet at level 40. You should be finished with the planet at close to level 38.
  13. Now, based upon your class, you should have one last mission to a story area that only you can access at your current story. Now, there's a reason why I keep making you do flashpoints and getting you to crazy-high levels. It's because the Chapter 1 story boss is HARD to beat, and I don't care what level you're at or what class you are. This is to safegaurd that fact that you CAN do everything story-wise on your own...which is the way you need to do it anyway. Once you complete this mission, then you have finished Chapter 1!
  14. Now you move onto a new set of missions for Chapter 2. Republic players move onto Balmoraa, Imperial to Taris. Both worlds have a bonus series to complete after you finish your story missions. You should be at about level 39. (At this point, you can try the Alderaan bonus series if you want.)
  15. Return to the fleet and play the Colicoid War Games flashpoint until level 41.
  16. All classes then move onto Quesh. Same planet procedure as before. You leave at about level 42, or you may not level up, it's ok.
  17. Return to the fleet and play The Red Reaper flashpoint until level 43.
  18. All classes then move to Hoth. This planet has a bonus series. You leave at about level 44 or 45.
  19. Return to the fleet and either play The Red Reaper flashpoint until level 45 if you are not already there. If you are, play the Directive 7 flashpoint until level 46.
  20. The next planet is Belsavis. This planet also has a bonus series. Finish at level 47.
  21. Return to the fleet and play Directive 7 until you get to level 49.
  22. Finally, after playing forever, you will be able to achieve level 50 on Voss. Use the biggest expreience boost you can buy or already have and conquer all the side missions you can until you reach level 50. Now, at this point, you can't level up any more unless you have the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion pack. Skip all the other side missions there are and complete the story missions on Voss.
  23. Move onto Corellia and complete the story missions. Again, you don't need to do the side missions unless you want different gear.
  24. For some of you, Correllia is the last planet you need to visit in order to finish our your story. If so, congratulations! You've completed your main story!
  25. For those of you with classes that require you to do one last thing and go to one last place in order to finish out your story, this will be your final boss to beat to complete your story. 

Congrats! If you've been following this guide directly, you've made level 50 and finished your story! Now go out there and pwn everything in the galaxy! ;)

ShatterClub (talk) 23:14, January 13, 2014 (UTC)

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