• Sithbfrjedi


    September 11, 2012 by Sithbfrjedi

    YO!!!!! Another happy monday. I spent the morning being attacked by a darkskinned man. What a bummmer. I've been on an intramuscular anti-psychotic injection for a little while. Today I went into the mental health building and got my shot. I'm trying to get my dasage lowered, I'm on the highest dose right now. I just my medical insurance and am totally psyched because I get to go see my back Dr. I made over 20 dollars flying a sign today at Mcdonalds for a couple hours. I stole a book yesterday. An expensive book. I'm letting my hair grow out, it is the longest, at over an inch, now than it has been for a long time. I love to steal, it really brings me a rush, and if I'm getting something I need at the same time, totally awesome. I broke m…

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  • Sithbfrjedi

    Dimes before dollars

    September 8, 2012 by Sithbfrjedi

    I think the most interesting part about america is Las Vegas Nevada. It seems like I could go there with money and have a really good time. I am however discouraged by the lack of supprt for the homeless there, if people aren't willing to work why don't we just kick them out? One day I'd really like to write novels. RIght now I am working on my art, it gets more fun every day:) I live in Utah and it is still awesome, I mean AWESOME!!!!, weather here, and I would like to go to Mexico and party, siesta, forever:)The most difficult part about blogging, and this is my first official blog, is writing it. I want to keep my blog appropriate and family friendly and at the same time remain honest and,AND, helpful. I am so excited to see if anyone …

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