I think the most interesting part about america is Las Vegas Nevada. It seems like I could go there with money and have a really good time. I am however discouraged by the lack of supprt for the homeless there, if people aren't willing to work why don't we just kick them out? One day I'd really like to write novels. RIght now I am working on my art, it gets more fun every day:) I live in Utah and it is still awesome, I mean AWESOME!!!!, weather here, and I would like to go to Mexico and party, siesta, forever:)The most difficult part about blogging, and this is my first official blog, is writing it. I want to keep my blog appropriate and family friendly and at the same time remain honest and,AND, helpful. I am so excited to see if anyone gives me any comments, I welcome criticism and have an awesome knack for scouting talent. It is sad that I have to make money. I really don't like money, it makes people act...ya know.....funny. I am currently homeless, bummer. I am single though, which is fun:) I am currently working on two different pieces of art, one is c3po and the other is from X-men, his name is Cable and he is a bad guy, right on!!!! I want to get a cell phone now and haven't been on the internet foreverrrrrrr. I'm straight, love tie-dye and got a gnarly braided beard. I have hazel eyes and I am blonde. I was born with three fingers on my left hand, iam influenced heavily by the New Testament and Stephen KIng novels.I am incredibly racist. I haven't been drinking much alcohol as of late however I'd like for that to change. I believe that Earth is sewer that needs to be cleaned out. I used to write a lot of poetry, here's a little sample

Pellet guns

video games and women

glad I'm off of my ridilin

time travelin


global warming baby

great visuals



cute little pot belly

time traveling

river bed snoozing

still water runs deep

the mirror talks to me in a language I can finally understand

their is a plan


staircase of light

leaving the dark

straight for the heart


tandem reaction


tie traveler

I really like writing I just have such a tendency to get bored. Smoking cigarettes:)

peace love

and crack cocaine

Tripps man

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