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1.1.1 Patch Notes

Sjant January 23, 2012 User blog:Sjant

Classes and Combat

  • General
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the Global Cooldown to appear as if it has been cancelled when it is actually still in effect, resulting in a feeling of unresponsiveness to input.
    • Corrected an issue that could cause an ability icon to appear usable but be unresponsive to clicks or keypresses for several seconds.
    • Players revived by other players, including by in-combat revival abilities, now revive with 25% of maximum health.
  • Jedi Knight, Guardian
    • Freezing Force: Now correctly lasts 9 seconds (up from 6 seconds).
  • Jedi Consular, Sage
    • Mental Alacrity: Now correctly costs no Force to activate.
    • Salvation: No longer heals targets twice on application. It now correctly heals all affected targets once when applied.
  • Smuggler, Scoundrel
    • Flechette Round: Now provides 30% armor penetration while active.
    • K.O.: This ability now knocks the target down for 1.5 seconds.
    • Shoot First: The damage output of this ability has been decreased by approximately 20% to control burst damage and because it was enabling significantly faster than intended kills in PvP.
  • Imperial Agent, Operative
    • Acid Blade: Now provides 30% armor penetration while active.
    • Jarring Strike: This ability now knocks the target down for 1.5 seconds.
    • Hidden Strike: The damage output of this ability has been decreased by approximately 20% to control burst damage and because it was enabling significantly faster than intended kills in PvP.
  • Bounty Hunter, Mercenary
    • Sweeping Blasters can now be made free with Thermal Sensor Override.
  • Bounty Hunter, Powertech
    • Oil Slick now correctly costs no heat to activate.

Flashpoints and Operations

  • Flashpoints
    • Directive 7
      • Bulwark’s Area of Effect cone abilities now properly fire in the direction Bulwark is facing.
      • Some of Bulwark’s abilities were incorrectly susceptible to interruption. Bulwark is now immune to interrupts.
    • The False Emperor
      • Fixed a conversation that could cause the cinematic with Arkis Wode to function incorrectly.
    • The Foundry
      • Fixed an issue that could prevent the final fight in this Flashpoint from beginning after the cinematic.
      • The final boss can no longer become stuck in an invulnerable state; there was still a small window where this could occur.
    • The Red Reaper
      • Lord Kherus now grants less experience.
      • Some of Lord Kherus’s abilities have had their damage values adjusted to be more in line with the level of the Flashpoint.
      • Players now enter into melee range with Lord Kherus in order to stop him from throwing crates.
  • Operations
    • Eternity Vault
      • Players no longer randomly die in this Operation after being in Gharj’s lava.
    • Karagga’s Palace
      • Foreman Crusher’s enrage now includes a movement speed increase, allowing him to catch players who attempt to run.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the Materials Disposal Unit’s main control station from becoming useable again after the Operation Group is defeated by the G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator on 16-man Hard Mode.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator from deploying the correct number of Proximity Pulse Mines and Security Stun Drones during combat.
      • Karagga no longer snaps up above portions of the walls during combat.

Bug Fixes

  • General
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some players in Operations Groups from receiving credit for the missions “[WEEKLY] Deadly Operations,” “[WEEKLY] Galactic Operations,” and “Journey to the Belsavis Depths.” The entire Operations Group now receives credit when the objective is completed.


  • Bug Fixes
    • Comparative tooltips for researched items no longer have their stats reversed.

Missions and NPCs

  • Missions
    • Imperial
      • Number One with a Bullet: Corrected an issue that prevented Bounty Hunters from leaving The Founder.
      • The Eagle’s Nest: The Assassin’s Fortress mission is now correctly a prerequisite for this mission.
      • The Mandalorian Killer: Thendys Noori no longer continues to heal Kellian Jarro after she has surrendered.
    • Republic
      • Death Spiral: Fixed an issue that prevented Jedi Knights who completed the Commander Rayfel encounter from using the shuttle back to Belsavis Orbital Station.


  • Warzones
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from receiving mission rewards for completing Warzones.

Space Combat

  • General
    • Added two daily mission commendations to the high-level space dailies Operation Ascendant Pride (Imperial) and Operation New Eclipse (Republic).


  • General
    • Attempting to loot an item in a group when the Master Looter is off-planet now generates an error message.
  • Bug Fixes
    • The leader of an Operations Group will no longer receive an incorrect message informing them that their companion has been dismissed.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Special items related to different editions of the game have been re-sent if they were deleted by the mail system prior to being claimed.

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