Today I used Google Insights to find out what people have been searching for in relation to Star Wars: The Old Republic in January, and this is what I found out.

First of all, the most commonly used keyword for the game is "swtor", no suprise there, but as I refined the search a bit, it was possible to get some insight on what information people are looking for in relation to the game.

Analyzing the tables below, and refining the search for each keyword, people are primarily looking for information on these things;

  • Companions; gifts and guides
  • Datacrons; locations and assembly
  • PvP; medals, commendations, and tactics
  • Flashpoints; guides and tactics
  • Speeders; looks and vendor locations
  • Patches; notes
  • Skills; crew skills

I believe that the more readers we get, the more contributors we will get - so we might want to focus on these areas of interest in order to attract people here. If we were to make a to-do list, these topics should definately be put on it and we should also consider putting direct, graphical links to some of these articles directly on the front page, as we have on planets, species and so on. Also making some of the flashpoints or companions featured articles might be a good idea.


Google Top Searches
Rank Keyword Index
1 guide swtor 100
2 swtor companion 65
3 swtor pvp 65
4 swtor wiki 50
5 swtor companions 50
6 star wars 45
7 swtor server 45
8 datacron swtor 40
9 datacron 40
10 swtor skills 35

Google Rising Searches
Rank Keyword Increase
1 swtor 1.1 +3.350 %
2 swtor patch notes +180 %
3 swtor patch +100 %
4 swtor flashpoint +70 %
5 swtor pvp +70 %
6 companion gifts swtor +60 %
7 swtor companion guide +60 %
8 swtor datacrons +60 %
9 swtor sniper +60 %
10 swtor speeder +60 %

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