Depending on what happens with some job offers within the next week or so it's likely that I'll be either moving to South Korea or to Japan. Moving to Japan for the *third* time if that one pans out. So now I'm wondering just how a move like that would impact my being able to play SWTOR.

The days of Japan exclusive computer parts are over which is good since I'm planning to just build a computer to play SWTOR on. Both Japan and Korea have very good recycling shops where you can buy very nice parts at good prices. My real worry is the servor issue. I'd, of course, import the English version of the game. But I've not heard anything about Asian servors and if I play on a US servor then lag becomes a worry.

Of course, Asia is big on MMOs and Korea has DSL *everwhere* in the country. That does bode well. I guess I'll have to do some more checking on this issue and wait and see.

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