I can't help but wonder just where the line on what should be put on this wiki is. I love the Old Republic era and consider myself to be fairly well versed in the SW lore of the time. Especially the KOTOR comics.

But what we traditionally think of as KOTOR in terms of the timeline is about 300 years before the MMO. So just how vital that info from the comics and two KOTOR games be put on this wiki? Well, my being an inclusionist aside, I think that we should put as much of that information here as possible. Mainly because while those of us here now are likely major SW fans, I think the bulk of people who play SW:TOR will be casual fans and that a fair number of them will be familer with the two earlier games but not much else in terms of SW history.

Now we know that BioWare has really been pouring into the lore of SW so it's a safe bet that there will be nods to stuff from the games and comics in the MMO. Heck, we already know the fate of Darth Reven will be a big deal and the recent video about the Exar Kun War is pulling stuff right out of the comics.

So with that being the case I'm going to work more in that direction with my edits here. It's something I have a passion for and should be a lot of fun in addition to helping others.

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