Since I also dabble in writing I've found MMOs to be good fodder for coming up with characters. You have a character generator right at your fingertips so coming up with a basic appearance is no trouble at all. And I found that the more I played the one and only character I ever had in WoW the more started to invent a backstory for her in my own head. Even finding ways to fit the more outlandish elements of WoW into her life was fun.

But with SWTOR there's a bit of a problem with that. Your choice of races is really limited. So even though I've created Jawa, Offshoot and Zeltron characters in my writing it doesn't look like I'd be able to *play* as something like them in the game. Of course, there are hundreds of races in SW so that's to be expected. And I'm sure new races will be added as time goes by. I'm guessing one or two with each expansion pack ala WoW.

Anyway, while playing as the iconic races of SW is all well and good, I can't help but wish there was some sort of "Build an Alien" option like Star Trek Online has. That would be a great way to reflect the diversity of the SW an give player the freedom to do as the wanted to an even greater degree. Well, BioWare is pretty good about listening to fans so I guess one never knows.

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