I'm becoming a bit concerend about the lack of details on this wiki. While clearly we don't need to go to the level of detail that Wookiepedia has on the relevant topics, what we have now is usually just a few lines and a link to the Wook's article on the subject. Granted, this wiki is still very much in its early stages.

But if we want people to even bother coming here we ARE going to need to give them details. And to me this means we will have to add information that's beyond the games. Because some things are simply going to be mentioned in passing and people will want to know about them. The issue of just what we should have in terms of the wiki is still ongoing. Personally, I think expanding to be a wiki not just for TOR but the KOTOR games as well was a great idea. But I think we should takes things a step further and try and be a one stop shop for all things related to the Knights of the Old Republic era. Including the novels and comics.

Can you tell that when it comes to wikis I'm a firm Inclusionist?

Anyway, until all this gets hashed out I'm just going to focus on stuff from KOTOR 2 since that was my favorite of the two games.

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