• Thornlu

    Lu players

    June 17, 2012 by Thornlu


    I have been looking for players from Lego Universe that play TOR. I am former player thorn. Me SwiftSilentDragon and TerribleBattleFalcon have been looking for them. We have found about 15 players out of the around 200 that joined. We are scattered across the severs and we want to find you. Our guilds (Republic and Empire) are both moving from Dredisha Cantiana to the Shadowlands. If you are on dred please contact Thornimps, Swiftdraghon or Mortuus on Empire. On republic please contact Unviersechamp. If you are on Shadowlands please contact, Mortsith, Zaktan or Thornkills.

    Please. We would LOVE to see all of our friends again.

    I hope to see you soon


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