From what I gather so far it looks like the Star Ship will be one of the players best method for storage and gathering of friends. And after reading through the SWTOR forums, it doesn't look like there are any player housing structures like SWG. I feel that Bioware made a great choice in not including player structures in TOR. Sure it was cool to have the ability to own your own house, be a part of a city and community, but for the most part they were nothing but an eyesore on the planets and caused an increase in Lag.

I feel that I wasn't really immersed in the Star Wars universe while traveling through the luscious terrain of Naboo and then stumble upon a harvester field or grid of houses griefing the land. If Bioware decided to add player housing and add the same logic SWG did I don't think I would enjoy the game the same.

Now having your own starship adds to the feel of the game, while providing you a place of storage for your gear and rare loot. It also gives you a place to invite your friends over to show off your adventures, socialize and plan your guild events.

Well thats just my little ramble on the subject.

What does everyone else think? Would your rather have a house or a ship? Or how about both?

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