I understand that some things need to be tweaked a little for viable game play purposes but do you think that they stayed true to normal dark side healing? In other words, do you think they included a mechaninc that makes it so Dark Side Force Healing wears off or inflicts a Damage Over Time ("DOT") effect to the player healed?

See Force Healing on Wookieepedia

Warning: The following is conjecture and some general ideas about the above mentioned questions. Whether or not this is the right place for it I don't really know but, as no one who has played the game can discuss it overly much, I thought I would mull over some ideas and see what others think.

They could have used some ideas like dark side healing causes a DOT to affect the healed player that drains 10% of the healed ammount over the course of 30 seconds to a minute. This would stack up to 100%, possibly having subsequent casts of the heal on the same target adding anywhere from 5-10% additional drain over the same time period. This could be offset by a larger heal ammount, a boost to the maximum total hp of the target being healed and/or an ability that slowly siphons health from the rest of the party and directs it into the target, which would probably normally be the tank.

You might even be able to throw in an additional ability to keep a target alive, regardless of the damage they take, by steadily channeling dark side power into them until a certain time frame has elapsed or all of the caster's force points have been drained. And / Or and ability where the Sith Inquisitor can siphon life force from the enemy, we already know they have a drain ability, and channel that into the group maintaining a small Heal Over Time ("HOT") to help counter balance the DOT applied by their direct heals as well as, if included, the group DOT siphoning health into the tank/target.

Once again these are just some thougts and ideas I had and the general question of how they worked the dark side healing is the main point to this blog. Thanks. Vebnstuff 15:13, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

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