Hey all. I know a lot of people wanted to know an easy way or a fast way to level. All the videos online make you buy guides and stuff but in this wiki I want to post a few tips that will help the community.

1. Buy speeder piloting for movement. Movement in sprint or without sprint is the worst thing to do. It will take a long time to reach objectives but with speeder piloting you can easily move around and reduce the timespan.

2. Doing Tactical Flashpoints like Kuat Drive Yards give a bunch of xp. 

3. Use an experience boost and be in a 10% XP guild. So your experience is increased by 35% which might not be a lot but every bit of it counts.

4. Double XP weekend. The quickest way to level is to follow all the steps above on a Double XP weekend. So with the experience boost and guild your experience is increased by 35% along with that the double XP increases your experience by 200%. So the total boost would be 235%. That's a lot.

Hopefully with these tips leveling would be done much easier. Anyone can feel free to add on my blogpost with their own tactics. 



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