The term "WORLDWIDE" couldn't be more misused.

Only North Amercia and ~half of Europe get access, that means that <10% of the world population has easy access through stores or easier still digital download, everywhere else digital download is blocked, stores don't have a release date, and the only way to get SWTOR on a reasonable date is to order it off Amazon which is not exactly "trust worthy".

Also before anyone says "Your region mustn't have servers set up yet" or "It needs to be traslated to your language", I'll will explain that no one plays on local servers in my country (Australia) we all play on American servers and even if my countries primary language wasn't English it would be more profitable for BioWare if they released SWTOR everywhere with subtitles and then patched in the other languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc)

And also if anyone says "What! You people play on American servers. Doesn't that cause lag?" No it doesn't cause lag the delay is about 200ms which is about the average human reaction time and trust me you can still backstab a mage or snipe a terrorist with that kind of delay.

So don't you dare say "SWTOR is being released WORLDWIDE on December 20th" because that is incorrect.


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