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Will or Should the Sith Warrior use Force Lightning?

As the Title asks, Should the Sith warrior use Force Lightning?

I have asked most people about how they feel on this topic and not really got the point across,

As in both the cinematic trailers for TOR we have seen lord Malgus use Force Lightning on his enamies Yet in game we shall only be given the Force Choke as per say being Darth Vader from the original movies and so on...

But really Force Lightning no matter what rank or class the Sith have made this Abillity the trademark of their society, Vader could not use it for he would kill himself doing so... and i'm sure like me alot of you dont want to be restricted by a class to only be able to use force Lightning.

I mean come on the smell of burning flesh as you fry your opponents with Lightning and then use force grip to throw them aside afterwards well ... to me that is what a sith is all about when teaching someone a lesson in manners lol

I want to know your opinions on this matter for i cant be the only one who thinks this is not right?

Darth Raith - TEJH or The Empires Jedi Hunters

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