Vaiken Spacedock Cantina

Located at the center of the Vaiken Spacedock. The Cantina includes a second level accessible by automated lifs for those who possess a [VIP Lounge Wristband] which is purchasable from either cantina vendor or available as part of the Collector's Edition.


Cantina Vendor (4)

Bartendor, selling

VIP Goods Vendor

Baron Lorn (Upper Level), selling

Collector's Edition Vendor

Nongta, an Ithorian, selling

Stims Vendor

Private Leen, selling


Grand Imperial Quartet

The Grand Imperial Quartet plays in the cantina.

The cantina has a jukebox which can be operated by Jukebox Token purchased from the Cantina Vendor. The selections available:

  • Show Me Your Papers (And I'll Show You Mine)
  • Makin' the Jump
  • Shake that Wampa Down
  • Do the Holos Show Up on the Bill?
  • The Bothan Bounce
  • Carbines in the Wind
  • The Grand Imperial Quartet also plays live on the upper level.

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