Republic Capitol Ship
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Valor-class Cruiser
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Production information
Technical specifications
500 meters
  • Turbolaser cannons
  • Quad laser turrets
  • Ion cannons
  • Proton torpedo tubes
  • Concussion missile launchers
  • 110 starfighters
  • 40 bombers
  • 25 shuttles
"The largest and most heavily armed warships in Republic use, Valor-class cruisers generally serve as the flagships of their assigned fleets. Like the Thranta-class corvette, the Valor is unusually quick for its size, though the design's extremely high production cost has resulted in these valuable ships being resigned largely to defensive operations. Due to their relative rarity and strategic importance, Valor-class cruisers are manned almost exclusively by veteran crews with many years of combat experience. Many joke that being assigned to one of these ships is a sure sign of advancing age."
―Excerpt from the Star Wars The Old Republic Encyclopedia[src]

The Valor-class cruiser served in the Republic Navy during the Great Galactic War and the subsequent Cold War.


The ship design had a bulbous center section, with gun batteries covering the front, sides and stern, seven thrusters located on a ventral tower and a command tower on the dorsal side. Lining the sides of each ship were several hangars. In addition, at least one hangar was located on the dorsal hull, facing the "valley" in the middle of the craft. The Capital Ship followed the Republic color scheme with red stripes on white hulls.

The ship class served as the heaviest and most powerful warship in the Republic fleet, allowing it match the Harrower-class dreadnought in terms of size and firepower but since it's only armored where its needed allowing it to be faster and more agile than the Harrower. These usually served as flagships of the Republic Fleet in charge of planetary defense against Imperial attacks and hitting Imperial assets across the galaxy.

Notable Ships

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