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"Originating on the planet Utapau, where they were trained and used extensively as mounts, the varactyl has become a popular mode of non-mechanized transportation across the galaxy. As a result, the reptavian creatures have thrived on a great many worlds, both as mounts and in the wild. The most famous varactyl-rider, Hrosus the Swift, was able to coax his mount to phenomenal speeds, once beating a swoop bike in a head-to-head race. This same speed makes varactyl formidable opponents; although they can be peaceful, loving creatures when among creatures they view as friendly, they are highly territorial and viciously protect their nests from aggressors."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

The varactyl, also known as dragonmounts, are reptavian herbivores native to the planet Utapau.

They have beaked faces and long, powerful tails that can stretch to 10 meters long. The varactyl's flexible neck supports its armor-plated skull, and both male and female dragonmounts have crests and a ridge of mid-body spines displayed during courting ritual. While females sport blue green plumage and skin, males were mostly dull shades of orange and brown. Most important were the varactyl's five-clawed feet. Not only can a varactyl run at very fast speeds, but their claws are adapted to climbing the rocky walls of Utapau's sinkholes. This marks the varactyl as an excellent mount for the native Utapauns. On Belsavis, they were also tamed by neutral guilds and mercenaries to serve in combat, as mounts or as patrols.


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Diseased Varactyl
Varactyl Mauler33/34ShredderStrong7025/7350Taris


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