Vilia Calimondra
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Vilia Calimondra
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Vilia Calimondra was a female Human Sith Lady and the matriarch of the Calimondra family, a Sith state that stretched across most of the Grumani sector during the final days of the Old Republic.


In order to control her children and ensure that her legacy was preserved by the most capable of her family, Vilia tasked her children with the Charge Matrica, a challenge in which the child who expanded her holdings the most would be declared the heir to her holdings and be granted them upon the time of her death.

First Charge Matrica

Of her seven children, only her son Chagras would survive infighting between the other six children and thus was declared the winner of the Charge Matrica. However with Calimondra still alive Chagras did not receive the holdings that belonged to her and never would, as he was killed in 1,040 BBY and thus all of Vilia's children were now deceased.

Second Charge Matrica

Requiring a new heir in order to preserve the Calimondra holdings and family legacy, Vilia initiated a second Charge Matrica amongst her grandchildren under the same rules, that the grandchild which expanded her holdings the most would inherit her holdings at the time of her death.

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