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Outer Rim
Allegiance Neutral, governed by The Three

Forest, Mountains, Plateaus

Native Races


"Voss was first discovered only a few years ago, and the rocky, lightly forested planet remains absent from many star charts. Two distinct cultures inhabit the world, both at a pre-spaceflight stage of development. The first culture, known as the Gormak, is a xenophobic and violent species that dominates most of the planet surface. The second culture, known as the Voss, has been amenable to contact with outsiders and welcomes visitors to the mountain city of Voss-Ka. The Voss have a highly ritualistic society and are notable for their unusual aptitude with the Force. The Republic and the Empire have sent representatives to Voss-Ka to explore the possibility of an alliance."
―In-game Codex (Planets)[src]

Voss is a planet located in the Outer Rim, and is the third planet of the Voss system. It is home to two indigenous species, the dominant Gormak and the less populous Voss.


The planet features a towering mountain high above the planet surface, where the Voss have founded Voss-Ka, their final stronghold of the Voss. This location is an isolated island surrounded by Gormak developments and military forces. The lands have been mined and stripped to support the Gormak war effort. And their success has left behind a trail of Voss ruins.

In addition, there appear to be other ancient spaces where yet other cultures may have visited the planet in the distant past. Some of these ruins include recognizable Sith and Jedi structures, which have yet to be investigated. Also of note, a certain area of Voss is identified as the Nightmare Lands, a forbidden space even Gormak warriors don’t dare to tread.[1]


When discovered following the Treaty of Coruscant, the planet Voss was thought to be home to only one intelligent species. The native Gormak were primitive by galactic standards; though possessing great aptitude with technology, they had yet to discover space travel. However, a second native species, the Voss, were encountered shortly thereafter.

These two peoples have been involved in a protracted, genocidal war, pursued by the Gormak. As yet, the technological and numerical superiority of the Gormak has been unable to crush their enemies. This is primarily due to the Voss people's unhesitating reliance on the guidance of their Mystics, Force-users capable of foretelling the future. The Mystic's visions had allowed the Voss to survive overwhelming attacks by the Gormak, and the accuracy of these visions quickly caught the interest of both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

The Empire, intent on claiming Voss, launched an invasion force that was met by Republic soldiers, sent to protect the planet. Unknown to both forces, however, the Voss Mystics had foreseen their arrival; the Voss intervened in the conflict, ultimately causing both sides to stand down and compete peacefully for the favor of the native Force-users.



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