Wanderer-class transport codex
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Production information
Technical specifications
Laser cannons
  • Cargo transport
  • Medical frigate
"Not strictly a formal ship class, but more a catch-all for a variety of similar vessels, the Wanderer-class applies to military vessels (usually corvettes) converted for partial civilian use. Rather than scrap an outdated warship, the Republic prefers to strip it of most armaments and use it for cargo and passenger runs–both official and civilian. For an ordinary citizen not in the business of interstellar trade, renting space or booking passage aboard a Wanderer is often cheaper and safer than hiring an independent transport vessel. Despite the fact that a Wanderer’s load can be up to seventy percent civilian, such ships are always crewed by military personnel. Wanderers are still military property, and piracy is a danger even along secure hyperspace routes."
―In-game Codex (Ships)[src]

The Wanderer-class transport was a series of modified vessels that served the Galactic Republic during the Great Galactic War and Cold War.


The Wanderer-class transports were stripped-down variants of the Thranta-class corvettes. The Daybreaker, served as a medical frigate in the Republic Navy, while the Esseles was a civilian transport that was used by the Twi'lek ambassador Vyn Asara.

Notable ships


The Esseles.


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