Warzone Commendations are rewarded for competing in Warzones and can be used to purchase PvP gear from PvP Vendors, as well as purchasing Mercenary Commendations and Champion Gear Bags. The more Warzones a player takes part in and win, the more Warzone Commendations are earned.

500[1] Valor and 10[1] Warzone Commendations are rewarded for the first 4[2] medals the player receives during the Warzone as well as 50 Valor and 1 Warzone Commendation for each Most Valuable Player vote the player receives.

See also: PVP Gear for an explantion of the PVP currency system

  1. 1.0 1.1 Patch 1.1.5 increased the Valor and Warzone Commendations earned
  2. Patch 1.1.5 limited the Valor and Commendation rewards to the first 4 medals earned

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