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These are the weapons in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Types of Weapons

Ranged Weapons

SWTOR Blaster

A Blaster pistol.

  • Blaster Pistol - The most basic energy weapon in the Star Wars universe, the blaster pistol is among the most common ranged weapons in the galaxy.
  • Blaster Rifle - Much like a Blaster Pistol, the Blaster Rifle is the heavier
    SWTOR Blaster rifle

    A Blaster rifle.

    weapon of the blasters. Always two handed, the Blaster Rifle is a very intimidating weapon indeed.
  • Heavy Weapons - The largest of non-vehicle mounted blaster weapons available. Repeater cannons that use high-output energy cells and recharge quickly, allowing for a terrifyingly high rate of fire.

Melee Weapons

SWTOR Lightsaber

A Jedi lightsaber.

  • Lightsabers - Lightsabers are wield-able only by Jedi classes. E.g. Jedi Guardian, Jedi Sentinel and Jedi Consular. Often used with Force abilities, such as throwing the Lightsaber, it strikes fear into one's heart.
  • Blades -  Blades are swords used to puncture an enemy, used by almost any class. They may powered, such as the vibro-blade or vibro-sword, or unpowered and there are single and double-bladed varieties. Often used with another blade, E.g. 2 Separate Vibroblades in 2 hands, it causes damage on almost any species.
  • Stun Batons - Stun Batons, as their name suggests, have a chance to stun the opponent, but at the cost of very low damage and the high-density power cells needed to keep them charged making them unsuitable as an off-hand weapon.
  • Other weapons include Quarterstaves, Gammorean Battleaxes and Gaffi sticks, which don't fit under any particular category.

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