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Womp Rat
Level range

"Carnivorous rodents native to Tatooine, womp rats are a menace to any permanent settlement. They reproduce at a staggering rate and are known to stalk urban alleyways and remote moisture farms alike, prompting some authorities to maintain a standing bounty on the creatures. Vicious and ill-tempered, they prefer meals of organic debris and runoff–but even lone womp rats will attack any creature that gets too close, often spreading virulent disease. When found in the desert, womp rats also hunt in packs, emerging from burrows and swarming their unfortunate victims in a flurry of claws and teeth. A dozen womp rats can overwhelm a full-grown dewback in just a few seconds, and larger packs regularly feast on fresh bantha.They are hideous creatures in general."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Usually found on Tatooine some variations can cause Womp Rat Fever. It can be cured by purchasing an antidote, sold by medical vendors.



Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Alley Womp Rat24/25SwarmerWeak615/675
Corpse-Eater Womp Rat26Infected CreatureNormal1730Defeating unlocks Codex entry
Diseased Womp Rat24/25RabidNormal1490/1625
Dune Sea Womp Rat26/27LeaperNormal1730/1835
Jundland Womp Rat25SwarmerWeak675
Scavenging Womp Rat27StingerNormal1835
Scytheclaw Womp Rat26ShredderWeak720
Womp Rat Alpha24RabidNormal1490


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