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"Hunting dangerous predators is a tradition on Tatooine, and stalking the deadly wraid is often a test to separate the amateurs from the experts. In addition to its great strength and powerful jaws, a wraid is able to quickly cover large distances by breaking into a bounding sprint. The impact of its massive forelegs creates highly distinctive tracks in the sand for hunters to either follow or avoid. Rumors persist across Tatooine of a gigantic “alpha” wraid that stalks deep in the desert wastes. Some hunters claim to have seen it; others tell tales of stumbling across its oversized claw prints before the desert wind blew them away. Its existence, however, has never been confirmed."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Wraids are large reptilian creatures present on many desert planets around the galaxy, such as Tatooine and Korriban as well as other planets like Tython, and living in places like caves, or just wandering the desert in search of food. Wraids are pinkish-red in color and have very powerful front legs, providing fast mobility. They have large claws at the end of their feet and sharp teeth, making them dangerous in combat. They also have two small back legs.



Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Agitated Wraid24Burrower 1490
Bitterscale Wraid24ShredderStrong4180
Monstrous Wraid24/25CreatureElite9725/10610
Rockhide Wraid27/28SpineybackStrong5160/5450
Stoneskin Wraid25HeadbutterElite10610
Sun-blistered Wraid25HeadbutterElite10610
Wraid Youngling24Creature 550
Wraid Tatooine

Wraids during the Jedi Civil War.

Notable Wraids

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