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"The flapping of thick, hairless wings is often the last sound heard by a victim of the deadly xuvvas. Their fangs bite with brutal precision, quickly disabling prey while filling the xuvvas’ swollen stomachs. The creatures then take flight and hunt down their next meal using sensitive electroreceptors in their horn-like antenna. A single xuvva is capable of killing a trained hunter; an entire flock can reduce a mature Hutt to bones in minutes.

Unknown to most, xuvvas are distant relations to the decidedly less vicious mynocks. Like their parasitic cousins, xuvvas latch onto power sources and leech their electrical energy. Ten years ago, an entire xuvva flock sapped enough power from a subterranean conduit to cause a blackout over half of Jiguuna. In a fit of fury, Nem’ro the Hutt placed a bounty on the creatures that was quickly called off when his palace became littered with the trophies of dead xuvvas.
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Additional information

To obtain the codex entry on Xuvvas, you need to kill a Xuvva Scavenger which can be found north of The Rust Yards on Hutta.


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Xuvva Flyer
Xuvva Rustwing
Xuvva Soarer
Xuvva Glider
Xuvva Mutant
Xuvva Scavenger Kill for Codex entry.
Located north of The Rust Yards on Hutta.

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