Wild Space
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"Home to the Eternal Throne and defended by the Eternal Fleet, Zakuul has become the new superpower in the galaxy. An old civilization reshaped by Emperor Valkorion, Zakuul is technologically advanced, relying mainly on droid labor, with seemingly unlimited resources. All roads lead to the Spire, a sprawling metropolis built on the Endless Swamp. Valkorion's "golden city" symbolizes his victory over the Old Ways of Zakuul. A vertical labyrinth, the Spire is filled with countless neighborhoods, each with its own unique personality. The populace is primarily human, but as the Eternal Empire continues to grow, more aliens are welcomed into the fold."
―In-game Codex (Planets)[src]

Zakuul was a planet located within Wild Space and was the capital of the Eternal Empire. Where it was not covered by cities, it's terrain was overgrown with large trees and moss and filled with swamps and muddy water. It was orbited by three moons.


Zakuul was originally colonized by humans who, being extremely superstitious, worshiped several different gods before Vitiate, the former Sith Emperor, now in the body of Valkorion, came to power and established the Eternal Empire. He built advanced cityscapes and shipyards for his Eternal Fleet, and fortified himself within his command chamber orbiting high above the planet.

At some point during the Galactic War, a ship known as the Gravestone fought against the Eternal Fleet and was shot down, crash-landing in the Endless Swamp.


Zakuul's terrain was made up primarily of swamps where it was not colonized by the planet's inhabitants.

Behind the scenes

Zakuul was created and launched as the first major planet in the expansion Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire. Players are able to access the planet through their ship's galaxy map, but only subscribers who qualify for the expansion are able to access its story content.


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